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George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia


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Dr Kirubakaran Surgical Specialty Clinic in George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia provides various General Surgery treatments for Diagnostic Procedures, Child (Paediatric) and Esophagus

Established in 2019, we are known for our affordable General Surgery services provided in the City Center of George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. This includes our signature treatments like Breast Removal Surgery for Breast Cancer (Mastectomy), Breast Lump Treatment, Breast Lump Removal Surgery (Lumpectomy), Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment and Overactive Parathyroid (Hyperparathyroidism) Treatment.

Here, we also provide amenities like disabled friendly, wheelchair accessible, waiting area/lounge, breastfeeding room, changing room, pickup/drop off services, restaurant/cafeteria (in-house), restaurant/cafeteria (nearby), prayer room, wifi and gym.

We accept Cash, Credit Card (Mastercard) and Credit Card (VISA) payments.

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Room No 135, 1st Floor,Block B,
Gleneagles Hospital Penang,
No 1, Jalan Pangkor, Pulau Tikus
10050 George Town
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
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48 reviews
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Paca*** a/* jagan***** 5 ★
1st May 2023
on Erufu Care

Treatment : Obstetrician/Gynaecologist Consultation

Dar*** Le* Simp*** 5 ★
9th June 2022
on Erufu Care
Gleneagles Hospital and it’s entire staff from admissions to cashiers were world class, efficient and incredibly helpful with all aspects of a surgery process from beginning to end. My doctor, Dr Kirubakaran and his entire support team and talented nurses took great care of me and guided me through a hernia repair surgery with ease, grace and a constant attention to my well being in all regards. Fantastic experience

Treatment : Hernia Diagnosis & Treatment

Le* Ch** Fh** 4.33 ★
27th May 2021
on Erufu Care

Treatment : Haemorrhoid Treatment

Ahs** nas*** 5 ★
23rd April 2021
on Erufu Care
All is well

Treatment : Hernia Removal Surgery (Herniotomy)

Nu* eda** eli** 5 ★
10th March 2021
on Erufu Care

Treatment : Weight Management Treatment

YAH*** BI* AH** 3.67 ★
12th February 2021
on Erufu Care

Hasm**** Ham** 4.6 ★
31st January 2021
on Erufu Care

Treatment : Haemorrhoid Treatment

TA* CH** L* 4.6 ★
1st January 2021
on Erufu Care
Overall good, except parking problem

Treatment : Ultrasound, Mammogram

Mild*** Sush*** Kulade***** 4.6 ★
1st November 2020
on Erufu Care

Treatment : Weight Loss (Bariatric) Surgery

Howard Tan 5 ★
22nd September 2023
on facebook
Had my partial removal of my gall bladder 2 years ago. Dr. Kiru is a skillful surgeon, compassionate and helpful . He is one surgeon I would strongly recommend. Thank you very much Dr. Kiru. Will definitely visit you for future consultations.

Cow Ooi Wei Chong 5 ★
18th December 2022
on facebook
It doesn’t feel like a long journey from Metro to Penang just because I met a good doctor with medical ethics and kindness. Thanks, thank you 🙏

Rina Tarigan Fau 5 ★
24th August 2022
on facebook
Thank you Dr. Kiru, my thyroid surgery went very well, fast recovery. He is communicative doctor, professional, and very kind heart. i am very glad to have him as my surgery doctor. Thx God. Tks Dr Kiru🙏

Thachayani Govindasamy 5 ★
16th April 2022
on facebook
Very kind hearted doctor. He is very good in explaning the whole surgery before doing it. Clean surgery with no marks. Highly recommended doctor.

Komala Ramachandaran 5 ★
16th March 2022
on facebook
Thank you for being the dedicated,thoughtful and compassionate doctor that you are. From bottom of our heart for the warmth with which you treated my son to good health. I feel so blessed to know you and have you as my doctor. Thank you to DR and the team

MyEa AtiEsya 5 ★
28th February 2022
on facebook
I had done operation under Mr Kiru recently . He such an excellent and nice doctor . 🥰

NeeMaa GRg 5 ★
23rd February 2022
on facebook
"My experience with Dr Kirubakaran clinic has been so positive it is easy to recommend him wholeheartedly. Dr. Kiru has provided me with care of the highest quality."

Friskila Nelsi Pasaribu 5 ★
12th February 2022
on facebook
My best part in life is to be met with one amazing and kind-hearted surgeon. His friendly and patience in giving the explanations about the sickness and method of treatments needed are completely clear, those really comfort me much. I do believe I can count on him and the team. He is really one of my best recommended surgeon for you all. God bless U doctor 😘🙏😇

邓伊恬 5 ★
7th January 2022
on facebook
Excellent experience with Dr Kirubakaran and his team of nurses. Well explaining and nice environment. Smooth and caring to patient. Good choices to choose for Dr Kirubakaran and his team of nurses.👍👍👍

Jx Malvin 5 ★
31st December 2021
on facebook
Dr Kiru is Best doctor I ever met, good explanation and excellent surgery skills. Very friendly doctor and strongly recommended. Thank you Dr. Kiru for the good care

Mia Aisara 5 ★
26th December 2021
on facebook
Dr kiru is one of the best doctor I have ever met..a kind, friendly, lovely, very caring & patient person explains in great detail..a person with expertise & extremely knowledgeable..Excellent service by doctor & staff..

Meerabai Ravendar 5 ★
5th December 2021
on facebook
Dr. Kiru is a great Doctor He’s very understanding and listens to our concerns.I went to two specialist centre to get clearer picture on my health issues, but non of them make me understand the issue, but Dr. kiru did it He takes time with the patient to help them understand with our health issues. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a surgeon .Nurses are awesome too, humble and helpful. Thank you Dr. Kiru and nurses too.

Devan Nair 5 ★
29th November 2021
on facebook
Mr Kirubakaran Thank You first of all for the service and management for my surgery.He has given me the utmost care and being very professional towards my needs and support throughout my hospital stay.It was a complicated surgery and yet he has done his best to ensure my recovery goes on well..Thank You once again Mr Kirubakaran & The Surgical Team. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Rating…

Sharon Csc 5 ★
23rd November 2021
on facebook
Wonderful experience with Dr. Kiru. He is a very caring, super friendly, patient and experienced surgeon I have ever met. He got a strong team with him, empathetic staff nurse which make me feel cared. 5 ⭐️ for him and his team. 👍

Sabrina Ayub 5 ★
20th November 2021
on facebook
Dr.Kiru is a great doctor and surgeon.. He’s a very patient doctor who genuinely cares about his patients. He always takes the time to explain things to me in terms that I can understand. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a specialist.

Sharimiladevi Nagarajan 5 ★
18th November 2021
on facebook
Dr kirubagaran is Brilliant Physician/Surgeon. 3 weeks ago, i was brought my mother to Dr Kirubagaran due to tyroid surgery with alots of worry. First of all, we are so worry about her health. He really took his time to explain very briefly about my mother's conditions,problems and suggested the best way to remove the tyroid as soon as possible. After had conversation we really realised that he well known about the sickness. With his expect knowledge he was healed us by physically,mentally and spiritually. Then next day admitted, My mother is under close monitored by Dr. Day after, Dr done surgery successfully for my mother .With Dr Kiru helps my mother getting recover and she's feeling good. We thankful to Dr Kirubagaran for his extraordinary care,love and work.He’s diligent in making sure my mother health is the best it can be. The entire staff is wonderful. I would recommend Dr. kirubagaran to anyone seeking a kind, compassionate, and expertise doctor!

Fieza Zainal 5 ★
2nd November 2021
on facebook
Wonderful experience with Dr Kiru and the staff was always helpful and kind. I feel comfortable and welcome. Would highly recommend to anyone. Great service 👍. thank you doctor 😊

Mohammad Saiful 5 ★
7th October 2021
on facebook
Doc is a friendly and good at humor..quickly friendly with patients..doc treats sy until sy is healthy ... sy is satisfied with doc kiru's service..tq

Mithra Sri 5 ★
27th August 2021
on facebook
THE BEST DOCTOR I HAVE SEEN AND BEEN TREATED BEFORE. Dr Kirubakaran, hats off to you. The hospitality was too good. I wasn’t felt like I’m at hospital, the environment, the staff and especially YOU Dr, made me to feel more comfortable. It was so pleasant and I’m satisfied with your management. I had undergone total thyroidectomy, and Dr Kiru did the needful. Quick in action, right treatment was given to me, and I’m totally blessed to be treated and operated by him. As a patient, I’m so grateful for the treatment I received, and you settled my worries in just 2 days. Thank you so much Dr Kiru. Will do follow up, and will be in touch with you Dr.

Treatment : Total Thyroidectomy

ChoonKooi Ong 5 ★
12th August 2021
on facebook
The doctor's attitude is very good 👍 The smile is very kind

Racheal Lim 5 ★
6th August 2021
on facebook
A very good and friendly doctor. He patiently explained every single details of the treatment. He is a legend.

Ratha Nadasan 5 ★
2nd August 2021
on facebook
A very caring and friendly doctor.... Dr.Kiru is one of the best doctor I have ever met...he has the knowledge and expertise.....

Shi Han Tan 5 ★
29th July 2021
on facebook
Good service 👍👍👍👍👍

Jimmy Teoh 5 ★
24th July 2021
on facebook
Good service

SY Goh 5 ★
23rd July 2021
on facebook
A very friendly and caring doctor. He has demonstrate his expertise and explained to me well on all the questions that addressed. All his staff also very helpful and kind.

Nadzira Kader 5 ★
17th July 2021
on facebook
Excellent service. Lovely and caring doctor. 😌

Noriemie Ismail 5 ★
13th July 2021
on facebook
Dr Kiru is one of the best doctor i have ever met. He has the knowledge and expertise. He was also a friendly, generous person, and very easy to deal with. He also cares about the health of his patients even after recovering from the treatment. Now i have fully recovered from the illness after undergoing surgery with Dr Kiru. I give him 10 stars and strongly recommend to anyone who seek the expertise of Dr Kiru. TQ Dr. Kiru.

Karen TzeLi 5 ★
13th July 2021
on facebook
The doctor smiles very kindly☺️The service attitude is very good👍

MathiGaran MG 5 ★
11th July 2021
on facebook
Dr. Kirubakaran did a great job with my first ever surgery. He explained everything to me in a very clear manner. Dr Kiru and Dr Vimal was a wonderful surgeons, and the staff was always helpful and kind. They ensured I had a smooth prep, surgery, and follow-up. I am so glad I chose Dr Kirubakaran Surgical Speciality Clinic and would highly recommend to anyone.

Tzeshan Tan 5 ★
3rd July 2021
on facebook
Friendly and kind doctor Excellent service 👍🏻👍🏻 Thanks Dr Kiru ☺️

Seok Ai Tan 5 ★
11th March 2021
on facebook
The doctor is kind and skilled

GuatHoo Lee 5 ★
10th March 2021
on facebook
The doctors are very nice, have a good attitude, and are very polite. The operation was done well.

Rauf T. Qia 5 ★
5th February 2021
on facebook
best and thank you dr.kiru.🥰😍😘

Sendy Sendy 5 ★
3rd February 2021
on facebook
His doctor is very good and very close

Jeg Spurz 5 ★
19th January 2021
on facebook
Dr Kirubakaran,was simply awesome attending to my illness.His approach was friendly,and of course did a superb job on the surgery as well.Glad made the right decision to consult Dr.Kiru. Hence would surely recommend him to my circle of family n friends. Thank you,Dr.Kiru for making my visit to Gleneagles a pleasant one,and a good one to be remembered too. God Bless you&yr fmly with good health. Regards.

Lie Zk 5 ★
11th January 2021
on facebook
The Best Dr & Team in this Hospital.

Apit Dmaria Apit Dmaria 5 ★
6th January 2021
on facebook
thank you from kirubakaran for doing the best for my mother..the best service ..

Pauline Kanika 5 ★
6th January 2021
on facebook
Thank you to Dr Kirubakaran. My op was done well and I am healing well. Very experienced Dr. Gives alot of encouragement and confidence during the healing process. Post op service is excellent. I am confidentially recommending Dr Kiru for his surgical and interpersonal skills.

Tan Kee Seong 5 ★
5th January 2021
on facebook
Professional medical service and kindness advice. With helpful staff, you won't need to worry about when you visit clinic.

Shameni Sundram 5 ★
2nd January 2021
on facebook
An excellent surgeon, so very professional and in such recovery was good and didn't develop any post op complications.

Pey Lee 5 ★
1st January 2021
on facebook
Professional and passionate consultation, care and services.

Azman Ronald 5 ★
8th December 2020
on facebook
Service is excellent. Dr Kiru is a very good listener and show concern to our medical issue . Tqvm for your excellent service of Dr Kiru and clinic nurses. ☺👏👏

Thenkuyil Then 5 ★
28th October 2020
on facebook
Thank you for the good service kind and very helpful☺

Karen Ooi 5 ★
22nd October 2020
on facebook
Very good & professional doctor ! Effective surgery, fast recovery .

Tor Tacang 5 ★
22nd October 2020
on facebook
Dr Kiru is incredible. Explained everything to me clearly and take time to go over the diagnosis and treatment options. Had a wonderful experience and smooth surgery and follow up. Highly recommended.

Suresh Basudevan 5 ★
17th October 2020
on facebook
Good consultation, fast recovery, effective, good service and very kind.

Anges Goppal 5 ★
7th October 2020
on facebook
fast recovery treatment and effective

Andrew Lim Lim 5 ★
1st October 2020
on facebook
Professional doctor with quality services.